Why do women dump good men for no reason. Is she wanting to go back to a former love who dumped her?

My friend of 3 months who went home for a week,dumped me as soon as she got back into town.she said there was no one new,but why would our relationship change that fast.she is 28 and past playing games i thought.

We exchanged x-mas gifts and her card portrayed that she was looking forward to the relationship growing.this all happened after she got dumped by a man she thought she would marry 6 months ago.

You think he wants her back and she dropped me to go back to him?

  1. chaskfrazier, 22 October, 2009

    Women are just like that. They have no idea who or what they want. That’s why they’re constantly changing their mind, their hair style and color, etc. Never ask why with it comes to a woman. Just be ready for her next move.

  2. yawhosucs, 22 October, 2009

    oh well, move on now…

  3. SexayLaday, 22 October, 2009

    ohh sweetheart, if she was going to marry a man 6months ago, she is most likely still not over him…it may not necessarily mean that she broke up with you to go back to him…but it could mean she needs NO relationship right now, since she is still trying to heal from her past relationship and heart break. i would give her this time needed away…and dont wait for her, live your life and date. if she wants to come back when she’s ready, then you will know its meant to be…. if not, well then, your already dating someone new anyway…. next time you start a relationship, a good question to ask is how long did they break up, and why.

    im being honest, coming from another woman, im telling you 6months is nothing if she planned on marrying this guy..she is not ready for another relationship right now…

    good luck but keep your head up, dont give up, but give her time…concentrate on your life…

  4. lover in despair, 22 October, 2009

    because they are heartless, souless and evil creatures. Sike ladies u guys are great but i guess because they like being ignored and treated like crap.

  5. mvas800, 22 October, 2009

    It sounds like you were the rebound guy. She may not be going back to him but she is moving on.

  6. cajun police, 22 October, 2009

    you are right on. you were just a rebound. sorry. she tried to get over him with you. it didn’t work and you were the one that got hurt, not her. ask for your gift back. just kidding.

  7. termite, 22 October, 2009

    Although it does sound like that may be the case, it may not be either… She may realize that getting involved in another relationship with someone so soon after a serious breakup may not be wise or fair to you. All you can do for now is accept her explanation and go on with your life…. It’s hard to know what goes on in some ppl minds sometimes…
    And, no, not all women are like that…. Men are guilty of it too..

  8. me, 04 June, 2011

    I was seperated from my wife and after a year After a year I mety another woman and my wife met a man. After going hot and heavy for two and half years with an older woman that was seperated from her husband she said she loved me and would always love forever, we told each other everyday and made plans to be and live together. One day she told me was confused and felt guilty, it was her not me,she felt guilty because he had taken care of their children for so many years, she went back to him, we are friends now and we even had sex mos after she crushed me. She told me that its hard for her to meet me like we did because she doesn’t trust herself because she knows how she is?and knows she will want me and want to be mine again. I tried everything to get her back, accepted her friendship and just let her tell me if she could me me and we did for the past 8mos but just as friends. Sounds crazy but I know this woman still loves me and I love her because she has told me so. I joined dating sites all over but can’t find the woman that connects like I do when I’m with her. I’m still hurt over this woman and she is sad that she is not with me. I just landed a better job 30k more a year, I got my body back in shape of when I was 25 and she noticed the dramatic change but no matter what I say or do she says there’s no solution and she is very sorry that she hurt me but if she leaves him for me her family won’t ever talk to her again.I must be a crazy fool to have tried for so long but just can’t get over her.

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