Can you sue and get money back if the money came from a joint account with and ex boyfriend?

Me and My ex were in a relationship for 3 years. All of the bills came out of our joint checking account. If I were to sue half of the money that was put into his car and credit cards, would I be able to recoup that money or not
we were not married. does that make a differences?

  1. raichasays, 08 November, 2009


    From you what you say, the two of you had an agreement to pool your money into one account and to pay all the bills from that, including car and credit cards. You will probably have trouble proving otherwise.

  2. Fred C, 08 November, 2009

    No, of course not, especially since the car and items charged were during the time you were together. They are considered joint bills. A joint account is considered a fully shared asset as well.

  3. TedEx, 08 November, 2009

    How do you sue money??? It is clear you haven’t the foggiest idea what sueing is all about.

  4. gwhillikers2000, 08 November, 2009

    Probably not, but laws may vary by state. In general, anything in a joint account (including car ownership) is the property of either or both. Better plan is to each keep your own bank account, and set up a third account into which each pays that month’s expenses. One of my ex-wives drove off in, and got to keep, my Saab which I paid for, but stupidly put in both our names. She also used my credit card to buy new tires–and I had to pay it becuz she was my wife.

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