How do i get my ex boyfriend back?

okay. im in 10th grade and my boyfriend just broke up with me through a text. im getting so many different reasons that he told other people. and idk which ones to believe. but i really like this guy! and i miss him and i really want to get back together with him. so how do i get him to miss me and want me back? without seeming desparate or clingy… :/

  1. breezyFbaby, 15 December, 2009

    hey there. well i know Exactly what you’ve been through. im a junior this year and im single. but i did date a guy for six months in my sophomore year. and when we broke up, i didn’tt care that we did because we were still really close friends. then after a while we stopped talking cause we were both mad ateach otherr for some reason…. anyways i found out he got a new girlfriend and i was the saddest that i ever was. because hedidn’tt tell me, i wanted him back so bad and i realized that i loved him.

    butthat’ss not the point. the way i got over him was to surround myself with people who cared about me and made things fun.dintt try to make him jealous because he’ll sense thatyou ree trying. i agree with the other people, make things fun for you and show him thatyou ree all about having a fun time! as soon as he see’s that, he’ll see what he missed out on and maybe asked you back out. who knows.

    good luck girl.

    ooh yeah, and always look your best around him.don’t always try to have eye contact with him. but when you do, give him a look that says "see what you’re missing kid"

    and don’t turn into a tramp

  2. nina, 15 December, 2009

    Easy: Show him you have a real Good Life,,,,,,,& be around guys alot, talk to them & pick up! Show him that you don’t care about him. And when people talk to you about him, say who cares! Be friends with the girls too, laugh alot. Guys hate it when you have to many friends, because then they think that you are having a real good time! Good LuCk

  3. Mz_Lady080, 15 December, 2009

    Act unaffected and like you don’t care, i just broke up with my ex and i really want him back and i miss him alot but i never show it and now he looks at me all the time and he used to txt me alot, i know he misses me too but i dunno whether to talk to him or not

  4. TYork, 15 December, 2009


    You have to sit back and think why you broke up in the first place. Is this guy worth it ? Do you think you will be happy with anyone else?

    If you still feel for him, firstly you have to find out if he has another girlfriend or not. If he has found one than forget it and move on.

    If the guy is still single, then you may still have a chance. It is important you contact him and talk to him and explain how you feel about things. Dont sound too desperate – what you want to use is known as ‘reverse psychology’. Give him the impression that you are not too bothered about him.

    Once you are on talking terms then before you know it, he will ask you out again.

  5. stacey, 25 December, 2009

    i really want my ex back he told me just forget about me but i txted him andtold him no iam not gonna for get about you your the one that i want but he has not answered me in a week i miss him so plz help someone

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