How do i get my ex boyfriend to forgive me for sleeping with his cousin when we were completly drunk?

How do i get my ex boyfriend to forgive me for sleeping with his cousin when we were completly drunk/high when I didnt do it to hurt him or intentionally do it, I’ve tried apoligizing for it but he wont accept it…. I just want him to forgive me not forget what i did i just want our friendship back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. ♥ danity cambria.♥, 24 December, 2009

    keep saying sorryyyy…..<3 dont let go and dont give up.

  2. *Honest Opinioner*, 24 December, 2009

    you bascially blew it. i dont understand why people get drunk and put themselves in this situation. you can’t make him do a thing. if he doesnt want anything to do with you then you have no choice but to respect that and learn from your mistakes. leave him alone before you drive him even further away.

  3. mekanic098, 24 December, 2009

    join a a

  4. lisamarieli, 24 December, 2009

    reverse the situation!! what would you feel/do?? me if someone ever did that to me i wouldnt even want to hear of them again forget trying to be friends,

  5. Sandi C, 24 December, 2009

    Uh-Oh. That might take time and sorry but that might not even happen.

  6. subterfugedmalaysis s, 24 December, 2009

    give him his space. trust me. i’ve been in a similar situation,
    but i wasnt drunk and it was before me and him went out.
    give him his space so that he can think it thru and blow it over. if u keep nagging him and saying sorry it will just annoy him and push him further. give it a week at least, and i know its hard. but then afterward approach him and talk it over.

  7. guitargodd2, 24 December, 2009

    This same thing happened with me. Only my g/f didnt sleep with my cousin just someone else. I caught the guy in her room and was pissed and heartbroken about it. I didnt see them doing anything and she swears nothing happened they only kissed. But you know I love this women with all my heart so I forgave her. Even if one day she says something did happen I will still love her. With everything I know now I would still choose to be with her. Im not with her anymore but I will never forget her.

  8. victoria s, 24 December, 2009

    i am sorry but there is no forgiveness just move on there are better people out there

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