What are the signs that your ex DOESN”T want you back?

If he possibly wants a little time, and wants you back, would he keep talking with you, staying friends and letting give him gifts?

What are certain actions he may do?

  1. kittysue2000, 28 December, 2009

    If he doesn’t want you back, he won’t want anything to do with you. He won’t call you, won’t make plans to see you, won’t text you, etc. He will completely cut you off

  2. Kathy R, 28 December, 2009

    yeah, he would.
    if you want him back too, ask him.good luck!

  3. KitKat, 28 December, 2009

    "Stay the hell away from me" would be a sure sign he doesn’t want you back. So would not returning/answering phone calls, avoiding you, telling people that he can’t stand you. It’s not hard to figure out.

  4. teduardosportacus, 28 December, 2009

    well a sure sign is when he dumps you in the first place.

    Eat Funyuns.

  5. Jessica J, 28 December, 2009

    He would probably date others, not call. not care about you and he’d probably tell you if you asked.

  6. Ryanamarie, 28 December, 2009

    when he never shows up!!!!!
    and when you walk by and he doesnt glance at you or in your direction
    you could always ask.

  7. cherrytree, 28 December, 2009

    he would ignore your calls, or at least be very brief with you if he does pick up. He would leave little room for you to over-analyze (for example.. if you say, how are you? he just says… good. You can’t take it as "i want you back," or something). He doesn’t ask how YOU are… or he doesn’t initiate conversation with you. He is making new friends and is going out a lot more.

  8. Heather E, 28 December, 2009

    Yes, guy will do anything to keep a girl hanging on. They want you as a reserve in case the girl they are trying to get with denies them. Leave him and move on. Also just by you having this question should let you know the answer. Good luck! I hope you find the guy you deserve!

  9. Juliana H, 28 December, 2009

    If he doesn’t want you back he will in all likelihood cut you off entirely. I wouldn’t read into him talking to you, if you were close and good friends he may want to try and preserve that part of your relationship but doesn’t want to be romantically involved anymore. If he’s not saying it… don’t start thinking it… you’ll only set yourself up for a broken heart…

  10. Anu, 28 December, 2009

    ya, he wants u soo back. try and talk to him!!

  11. Paula A, 28 December, 2009

    You are not going to like this answer but space/time is probably what you need. The best thing you could do is give him his space and act like that is what you want too. And if by "letting give him gifts" means that he is accepting gifts from you, that is a bad practice that makes you look desperate.

    I say give him some time to see what life is like without you. Right now he knows he can have you back in a heartbeat. He is holding the cards. My next conversation with him would be to say – "I think space is what we need, I still like you as a friend but not sure I am interested in getting back together." Then make yourself unavailable. When he is unsure of your feelings, he’ll be able to figure out his own.

  12. Kent C, 28 December, 2009

    Few people will turn down a gift, ex or not. As for the keep talking to you, he could want to keep you on the side while being with other girls or for a better name let’s call them players. A lot of guys like to have more than one girl so they will never do without sex. I did that once and if it wasn’t bad enough, I dated 4 girls at one time and they were all named Lisa. It wasn’t on purpose it just happened that way. At least I never got caught calling the wrong name out while having sex, LOL.

    Let’s look back, why did you two break up? Was it your idea or his? If it was his idea then maybe he’s one of those players I spoke of. If it was your idea to break up then why would you want him back.

    There are too many factors in a good call on this one. think about it first. Too many times a couple get back together and the same old problems come up and then they break up once again.

    I hope this helps, good luck.

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