I had a dream that me and my ex-boyfriend got back together?

What does it mean? Also, What does it mean to dream that you and he were kissing and you took a bath to get back with him?

  1. ♫♥♥♫♫♫♥♥, 07 January, 2010

    Well, your unconscious is probably telling you that you’re still in love with them.

  2. Nathan H., 07 January, 2010

    It means that you’ve thought about getting back together with him. Usually a dream is simply a continuation of what you thought about earlier in the day, or what you thought about before you went to sleep. So I’m guessing you still like him. True isn’t it?

  3. gymnosphere, 07 January, 2010

    People in your dream are only symbols and usually stand for some part of your own psyche. Dreams are almost never prophetic, so that possibility can be discarded. Kissing? That means you are attracted to guys and perhaps miss the intimacy. I.e., you’re normal.

    Bathing often symbolizes ritual cleaning–absolution, of a sort–in preparation for a new part of life or a new venture of the soul.

    My guess is that your unconscious mind is telling you to prepare yourself for a new friendship or a new phase of your life. A good dream!

  4. mirage, 07 January, 2010

    there are three reasons why us people dream, one of them is an answer to a question u have lingering in your mind. another is warning you of something thats going to happen. and last it could be from the devil…Satan. now the last one is the tricky one because you cant assume its from satan if its a bad dream to you. it could be the best dream in the world to you, for example your boyfriend, im not saying it is from satan but it could be. he was created to trick us so you would never know. it could be a bad idea for you to get back with him, it could be a good thing you guys aren’t together, and that dream could be his way in trying to manipulate you. so folks you never know…you could be dreaming the future, your answer, or a trick. its up to you to know what to follow.

  5. Liz Mann, 07 January, 2010

    it just means it’s a dream it could also mean that u miss him nothing special

  6. simplyme, 29 November, 2010

    I had a dream about my ex girlfriend.. I was sitting on the couch watching tv and she came and sit on my lap (where we were face to face) and just gave me a hug and kiss… We had a conversation and I told her that I was mad at her and she stated don’t be mad babe… And that’s all I cam remember, what does this mean?

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