I am a very sexual person I love making love to my wife it puts my mind at ease and takes me to a place in which me and her are the most important things on eachothers minds. We have only had sex twice in 4 weeks for no reason and when I ask her about it she says she just doesnt want to. It makes me feel like she just isnt atracted to me any more i ask her if its me and she says no. I am very romantic I cook her breakfast in bed and give her massages for no reason I am so confused. How can I show her that this really upsets me. I try to talk to her about it and when I am done I think she cares but then we go through it again the next night. It feels like I have been reduced to begging for sex. I know she isnt cheating on me so i just dont understand. Any tips to get her in the mood would be very helpful. She has no sex drive she has said "sex just isnt important to me" but it is very important to me. We never have sex twice in a day or two days in a row. What to get her in the mood????

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