i had dated a guy for a year, and he ended up breaking up with me. the only reason he stopped seeing me was because he was going through some personal issues involving his ex wife over custody of their young son. he still loved and wanted me but the time wasnt right for a relationship. after several months he told me that he had to make himself get over me because it was hard for him to deal with things while still thinking of me. he then told me the very next month that he had fallen in love with a female friend. i was still in love with him and said some things i wish i had not said. he told me that it was best that we didnt contact each other anymore. last week he got back in touch with me and told me that he misses me and that his feelings for me had started to return. is this something that is possible? can you stop loving someone and then several months later start loving them again even though you had no contact? i miss and love him but i don’t want to risk being hurt again.

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