Call me crazy but i have a problem. my boyfriend and I were really good friends. then we started going out. and after around 3 months he told my best friend that he loved me. Then I already knew I loved him.

And at the 4th month we had our first kiss. the reason why he waited so long is because he said he wanted to go slow and not rush things because he didn’t want to loose me. It’s now 6 months that we have been together.

Two of my friends think ever since we started going out we both have changed, and his best friend wants us to break up because of it. also in the last month too was kind of hard for me: his parents got in the way of our relationship, he flirted with this girl like crazy right in front of my eyes, & because he had done something that almost ruined our relationship totally.

I told him it would be awhile before i trusted him again when it happened.

Recently though he hasn’t talked to me as much on the phone and he has stopped texting me. a lot of girls seem to like him too. he tells me he loves me and all but can i really believe it? and worse i really am in love with him. i am so lost and confused and its even worse to think about if he might break up with me because hes getting tired of us or something.

And i know that if he is he really doesn’t love me at all. so i figured if i could make him love me more or even get him to love me or care about me more maybe i could fix everything. because i don’t want to just sit around and ignore all that could be coming, especially if i had a chance to fix it or change it.

So tell me what should i do?

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