My husband has been getting angry at me over small things. I’m not sure what to do when this happens. Here is the latest example, and had I known it was going to send him into a rage I wouldn’t have done it.

my husband gets mad easilyTwo days ago I thought I’d joke with him. So I sent my friend a text and told her I thought it would be funny if she send him a Facebook message telling him to get offline so I could use the computer…

So, she did, which I knew I wasn’t going to go online and I told him so. So, he responded to her “Well, I think she was going to take a nap, but okay.”

And then he got off of the computer and I responded to his response by saying “I always take a nap because he’s always on the computer! Just kidding!!”

So then later he saw what I said, which I was totally joking and he got really angry at me and said I was disrespectful. I didn’t get mad because I thought it was silly to be mad over such a small thing. So, I did not react to his outrage.

It made him more angry and he said I was cold, that I was raised to be a hard @ss. Every time we get into any SMALL fight it turns into something greater from him, how I’m a terrible person, how my whole personality is screwed up.

How I’m not a woman, how I’m not what he wanted. I’m not sweet enough (but I make sure supper is ready and he has a cold glass of water when he walks through the door after work, I clean the house and work). He even threatened me with divorce over it! I said I was sorry even though I don’t know what I did.

He only seems to calm down and love me again if I get upset enough to cry….

So my question is, is this something he really should have gotten angry about? Was I disrespectful even though I thought I was only joking?

Could it be that my husband is bipolar? How should I handle these situations? What should I say? What should I do?

Should I leave until he calms down?

I just don’t understand why he gets angry over small things, and once he does get angry it turns into cut down after cut down about how I am a bad person.

What should I do? Could he possibly be bipolar?

Thank you.

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