I have 4 kids with my ex, he owes almost 00 in arrears for prior years and over 00 for this year’s behind payments. He is now on an income deduction order and is current only because if his employer but still refuses to file income tax for this year because, in his words "doesn’t want me to get his hard earned money". He fails to realize I struggled with my "hard earned money" by myself for a long time.
I received a letter stating they were going to intercept his taxes but since he hasn’t filed there’s nothing to intercept and not only that I can’t even get the stimulus check now because he don’t plan on filing before the deadline of the stimulus payment and for some odd reason he thinks he’s getting his income tax refund because he’s finally making the payments through his employer. I know a little about how things work because I’m not afraid to ask questions but sometimes the best answers come from outsiders. So I’m curious to know what can I possibly do whether it be report it or whatever and to whom do I report him to, Child Support or IRS?

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