How can I make my husband fall in love again after cheating on him?

I slept over on him and I don’t know if its because of sleeping around on him. He says he is no longer in love with me but what can I do or say?

He is giving one more month to see if he heart changes…is it possible and what can be done to help him see past that please in dire need of help!

Well, it’s kinda hard when you come down the stairs hot and naked from the shower and he told you girl put your clothes on.

How would you feel that you want to make love to him and he told you that?

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  1. Al B, 15 January, 2011

    The only thing that you can do is to show him that you need him. It may not work but it is the only thing you can do. A person doesn’t stop loving another person because of something like this. They are hurt and perhaps do want to move on, but they don’t stop the love. If there was a decent reason why you did – too drunk or wanted attention from him that he never gives you, for example, you can sit and talk to him about that to see if he forgives you.

  2. Ashera, 15 January, 2011

    You two need to go to counseling. Even that may not be enough. You broke his trust and your vows. He has no reason to forgive you.

  3. E&L, 15 January, 2011

    He is having trouble trusting you since you hurt him. Unless you can prove yourself faithful to him, then he wants to cut his losses and move on.

  4. bandaid_46, 15 January, 2011

    You should have been thinking about this before you cheated on him. It is called consequences.

  5. George, 15 January, 2011

    Just show that you love him all the time, but after what you did it will be hard.

  6. still learning, 15 January, 2011

    Trust is a very hard thing to get back, but not impossible. I agree with others, counseling.

  7. ladybug, 15 January, 2011

    Once you cross that line pretty hard to get back what you once share. If I were you I will be thinking more about how do I redue my life with someone other then him.
    Good Luck.

  8. Poopypuss, 15 January, 2011

    You’ll know in a month.

    How would you feel if he slept with some random whore?

  9. stingrayvipevette7, 15 January, 2011

    Three months ago, me and my husband were fussing and arguing nothing really important just the same old stuff. Anyhows I was going to college at the time. He would always call me names like dumb ***, stupid ***, moron, *****, idiot, but I took it for our six kids. Anyhows three months ago, his words really got to me. I went online and met the most wonderful person anyone could ever wish for. He was kind, sweet, no mean bone in his body. I was like a teenager falling in love for the first time. When I asked the kids if I should leave they all said yes because daddy did not love me and he was mean to me. Without thinking of how much it would hurt the kids, I took their advice and left my husband who was calling me names all the time. He filed for divorce which is going to take place on Jan 19, 2010. Anyhows, he got custody of all six kids and they will live with him permanently. Since everything was in my husbands name I was left with no home, no money and no kids. He allows me only to call the kids twice a week for twenty minutes. Only the two littliest ones talk who are 7 and 8. THey tell me to come home. THey tell me they miss me all the way to heaven and they say they love me all the way to heaven. It makes me cry to know I hurt them so much. Everytime I talk to my husband I tell him I still love him and am still in love with him and always will be just that I made the biggest mistake of my life. I have begged and cried to him pleading with him to take me back telling him it is killing me to be without him and the kids. I asked him to forgive me and he says he does but he says there is no way in hell he is letting me back into his or the children’s lives ever. I cry every day. I even called my husbands parents several times and pleaded with them and asked them to let me back into the family. As of recently they have not answered my calls and my husband says if I keep begging to come home to him and the kids he will give me no visitation rights with my children. I have never been away from my kids more than five days when one was in the hospital and I have not seen them since Sept 1 2010 and it hurts like a knife. Christmas is coming and I wont be there with them because I made a mistake and left. Now I have nothing, not even my kids.
    If your ex has moved on and he is with someone else and he is happy, then take it from someone who has made the biggest mistake of my life, You cannot go back to correct the relationship unless he wants to. If he wants to then that is good, but unless he initiates getting back together, you might as well move on and if yall dont have any kids together consider yourself lucky because being a mom having taken care of my kids 24/7 and loosing them due to my stupidity hurts deeper than any pain anyone should have to endure. I called my husband today which is not the day I am supposed to call to tell him I love him, no answer. I called his mom and left a message for her to call me back.. no answer….. I miss my babies and there aint a damn thing I can do about it and I hurt my little babies… My oldest told me she will never forgive me ever……..Make sure he is the right one before you decide on a life with him and if he wants you back. If yall broke up then there must have been a reason.

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