How do I get my ex girlfriend back when she says she doesn’t like me anymore?

Awhile ago my girlfriend thought that i didn’t like her anymore. But in reality, i was just in a bad mood all the time and she thought I didn’t like her anymore. And since she thought that, she slowly stopped liking me and broke up with me yesterday. And i told her I never stopped liking her, but she said it was too late and now she doesn’t like me anymore. ): Is there any possible way to get her back?

  1. Barak, 08 September, 2009

    Hi buddy

    Winning back an ex is a very difficult thing to do. It is a lot easier to generate feelings in someone, than it is to change their feelings. But if you take the right steps, and more importantly don’t do the wrong things, your chances to win her back increase dramatically.

    Here are some steps that helped me to get my ex girlfriend back:

    Don’t Ask Your Ex Girlfriend To Get Back Together

    You should never ask her to get back together. Why? Simple, because her answer will be NO!

    You’re only shot at getting her back is to do the right things that will make her ask you to get back together. Maybe if you broke up with her, then you might be able to be the one who brings up the subject of getting back together. But if you can do it without, it would be much better.

    But how do you get someone back without seeming desperate? In order to get girls attention, you have to show value without telegraphing your interest in her, while at the same time initiating interaction.

    So don’t ignore her texts and calls when they break up with you. It screams that you are so devastated by the breakup that you can’t even handle talking to her. You want to respond to her, but do it in the right way. You can even initiate communication if you do it in the right way.
    You have to maintain a strong frame of confidence, and show her that your happiness isn’t dependent on being with her.

    Don’t Be Jealous

    You must understand that …SHE IS GONNA DATE SOMEONE ELSE. Let that sink in good. And not only is she gonna date someone else, it will probably be someone you know, maybe even one of your friends. Tough to swallow I know. It’s ok if it bothers you, but don’t let it show and don’t call her out on it. Remember, you are not together anymore, and you don’t have any right to tell her what to do.
    If you do want to win her back, then you just have to weigh the decision.

    Being Flexible Is Very Important

    Do not be that stereotypical angry ex. Do not throw out their stuff or demand for them to come pick up their stuff right now. Instead, be flexible, easy-going and understanding. A person who takes things easily is an attractive quality in itself. It may inspire your ex girlfriend to start communicating with you again very fast.

    These tips may not be easy for you to do at first. You may want to give in and call her or see her, but you have to resist the temptation. If you are really serious about getting your ex girlfriend the best step to do is getting a good guide on how ot get your ex girlfriend back. You can learn about the most popular and 100% risk free guide here:

    I hope that these tips will be helpful for you

  2. who me?, 08 September, 2009

    if she said she doesn’t like u then u shud respect her and not bug her about going out with u! =P im srry!

  3. somedude_whosmart, 08 September, 2009

    Move on it’s obvious there’s no good communication between you both. You’ll find someone that does believe what you say when u tell the truth and isn’t childish about moods.

  4. allycat, 08 September, 2009

    Find a new girl friend and next time your in a bad mood let the girl know or this might happen all over again.

  5. ღaqυa мaяιneღ, 08 September, 2009

    Dude, if she says NO, no matter what, she doesnt like you. Unless you want her to think you’re a creep, learn how to back off.

  6. mr.curious, 08 September, 2009

    show her that u love her . in any way i cant think of any right now, but there is a saying "that once true love is realized the person u love loves u back".

  7. Reggie, 08 September, 2009

    If she wanted to be with you, she would. I don’t think you’ll get back.

  8. Dave, 08 September, 2009

    ok….yes…alyways…heres how it goes….you dont ever show her that your emotionally down without her….dont ever show her that you NEED her .you should not try to start a war, dont do anything stupid like try to make her jelous of you with other girls. DO NOT call her at all. DO NOT beg for her back….wait for her to come around….give her the gift of missing you….she wants you back you have to pave the road for her to come back….you can google some stuff….thats what i did….. i also bought and downloaded a book that you can have if you email me……be patient my brother

    good luck

    email me

  9. Charger, 08 September, 2009

    Its possible, but very hard to start the relationship again. You have to show her your love. Next time don’t spread the anger everywhere, it effects people around you.

    She may have started to look at other guys now.

  10. Lombargo, 08 September, 2009

    There is something you can do. But how far you go is decided by how how much you want her back. First buy her something nice like jewllery, then go to her house andtell her that this is all a mistake and the least you deserve is an explanation.

    So then take her out somewhere nice to eat, tell her you were just in a crummy mood and give her the present you bought her, tell her your sorry and that you want her back.

    If she refuses to go out to dinner with you just get on one knee give her your present and tell her your sorry for the misunderstanding and that you want her back.

    Good luck

  11. patricia c, 08 September, 2009

    If she says she doesn’t like you no more you should just try to give yourself some time. If you really want her back because you love her then you should try starting from zero. By that I mean you need to try and make her fall for you again. Start like you did when you first met her. Tell her you are sorry for miscommunicating with her. That you never stopped loving her and that you want to be with her. If after being sweet and loving to her she still days she doesn’t like you anymore then if I were you I would just forget about her because she doesn’t deserve you and you deserve better.

  12. Maddie, 08 September, 2009

    .Break ups can be hard for each of the dividing half’s, Thus when she said that she holds no feelings for you, it nearly means that she lost interest, or she has no other choice than to act strong because the break up hurt her in a way….. if you really want her back remind her of the reason that she even went out with you, maybe it will restore interest

  13. Alex W, 08 September, 2009

    There’s nothing you can do except move on and find a new girl, if she doesn’t want to be with you, you can’t force her to be with you.

  14. Denise, 08 September, 2009

    you probably can. you need to "attract" her again. if you keep telling her you want her back you’ll look needy and unattractive. see this article on the subject, it should help you out:—Dont-Make-the-Mistakes-90%-of-People-Make!&id=2718454

  15. anon, 08 September, 2009

    You probably need a good apology.

    It’s what we most want as humans, to be understood. So instead of telling your girlfriend “I’m sorry that I didn’t call you back, BUT I was really busy, and you don’t call me back anyhow” or something along those lines, you should instead replace that with “I’m sorry for not calling you back, you must feel frustrated with me, I was consumed with a project that I had been working on…” etc.


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