How does a guy act if he wants his ex girlfriend back?

My ex boyfriend is giving me mixed signals. Sometimes I think he wants me back, I even went to dinner with him and his parents!!!

Give me some things he would do that could help me figure out if he wants me back.

  1. lymah_beanz, 12 September, 2009

    You have to think things clearly before you make any decision to get back with him, or not. If he was the one who invited you to the dinner then it’s most likely that he wants you back, if his parents did then don’t think too much of it. Then think how nice he was at the dinner, was he avoiding eye contact or did you constantly feel he was looking at you… Make a list of the signals, were they good or bad?

    I did this when my boyfriend was also doing the same thing and we ended up getting back together!!!

    Guys all send different signals, it always depends on their own personality.

    Hope this helped, good luck!!!

  2. Alexa W, 12 September, 2009

    Well, it’s hard to say because you didn’t say specific things or signals he is giving you. But since he asked you to go to dinner with him and his parents, that is a good sign he wants you back.

  3. pandorai, 12 September, 2009

    He’s still figuring his thoughts out. Get on with your life and in your absence, he will realize if he is missing you or not. By the way, why do you want to get back with someone who doesn’t want to be with you anymore? There are plenty out there who would not make his mistake. Maybe moving on for good would be the best decision, but it will take time for you to decide. In the meantime – get busy with your life!

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