How can i get back with my pregnant girlfriend (well ex)?

my ex-girlfriend is 2 months pregnant and she dumped me.. it hurts and i cant sleep at night cause i cant get her outta my head.. she was my world before all of this and she still is… we talk but its awkward and i want to be there for her through every step but she doesnt respond back to me.. i need help with what im going through… i love her and i wanna be her partner again…

  1. wispa, 22 September, 2009

    Try and be patient with her it really does depend on why you broke up.. If there seems no reason then it could be down to hormones etc.. At 2 months they will be going crazy chances are shes scared and a bit freaked out if this is her first. Be there tell her even if you cant be together you do want to be there not just for the baby but to support her… I know it must be killing you right now but you dont want her to think you are a doormat.. dont beg … just keep being there tell her you want to know about the pregnancy and how shes doing it will get your foot in and she might open up..


  2. heather_0329, 22 September, 2009

    what did you do for her to dump you???….she really needs someone in her life at this time she doesnt need to go through this pregnancy alone!..Good Luck! =-)

  3. ininsik, 22 September, 2009

    go get back to basic, do the first time you did to have her back…hellyeah?!

  4. Belinda G, 22 September, 2009


  5. red dog!, 22 September, 2009

    Be a jerk! For some reason chicks always come crawling back to total jerks. Sounds like you’re a nice guy/girl(?) and she’s probably homonal. Trust me this happens, sometimes when girls get knocked up they unknowingly feel compelled to sew their wild oats. Don’t fret. If you start playing hard to get and show that you have a wild side too she’ll come back. Now, if she left because you have a drug problem and she doesn’t want that around the baby, well, you’re on your own there buddy. good luck with that.

  6. [Tete], 22 September, 2009

    well maybe shes not thinking clear right now and is full of mixed emotions because of her pregnancy. Just be there for he for the pregnancy and give her space. Hopefully she realizes and when you notice that thell her how you feel.Good luck.

  7. amby, 22 September, 2009

    i’ve faced it…i’m the girl i did the same coz i was mentally hurt and wanted it out of my mind so i decided to keep away from him who gave me the pain … i think give her time …its sweet of u to think of now also ..ask her what she wants … i’m sure she needs help………if u love her realise that she is happy without u then u also shud be happy…… her happiness.

  8. Jean White, 08 April, 2010

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