How can I use feng shui to bring back my ex?

Our relationship never had any major problems and he continues to come back into my life (he is really confused and a commitment-phobe). Any way he is the love of my life and I want to make things even more sure that we will be together again. Please tell me how I can use feng shui to help me with this!
Thank you so much

  1. Codex Buranus, 13 October, 2009

    That’s not usually how feng shui works — it can attract general love into your life, but not really control a specific person.

    If you are still interested in feng shui, the usual claim is to add lots of pairs of items into the house and especially the bedroom, and make sure the place seems inviting for love — like if you had a boyfriend right now, he’d not be weirded by your weird girly items left out or something. There are also issues of balancing the various elements in your rooms — like if your bedroom has too much color and furniture of a type associated with water element that could be part of your trouble, and you’d need to balance that. There are many good Feng Shui books out there — my favorite is Feng Shui Made Easy by William Spear.

    Now, more formal (and I’m told much better) feng shui is actually WAYYY more complex than that, and you’d have to study much harder and possibly do full-out renovations to your house every few months as the seasons change (you can’t half-@ss the real feng shui.) I’m told it’s actually worth it if you can put up with the inconvenience but it is a big difficulty.

  2. Jess, 13 October, 2009

    Feng shui is a pseudoscience, based on superstition and nothing more. If you want to mend things with your ex, you need to look to the real world. Take a step back. Talk to him. That’s the way you’re going to solve this. Mucking around with superstitions is just going to waste you money and time, and ultimately it will probably disappoint you.

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